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Family Law Information & Support

A little about F.A.M.I.L.E.S

Familes evolved out of need, their is little or no support for people going through the turmoil of a separation or divorce, few are amicable most are full of pressure stress and strain, and especially on the children.
The Familes Charity started in 2002 as Miles, who offered their services to Men in Limerick who were experiencing separation, soon enough all extended family members also wanted to avail of the services we provided, we changed our name appropriately and we have been moving from strength to strength up to the present day.

Providing the services to both men and women has a holistic effect on the members and by working together it brings about a better outcome post divorce and separation. Statistics show a big increase in suicide in our region and family breakups play a part in this.
We have a great group of skilled and Accredited professionals who volunteer their services for free, we are a non profit charity. Everything we do is done in a safe space and with the strictest confidence.

Giving help wherever its needed is what we do best, during a breakup getting the support and information is vital for  the  family as a whole, It takes some time and commitment and those who stick with it get the results, its not easy at times , we have great direct links with some of the best trained and fully qualified professionals in the region, Getting help  will give you strength and courage, that’s what we are here for, we can help in a whole range of areas relating to your breakdown and individual needs.
Things are changing and having access to services , helpline and meetings thankfully  is making a difference and is having an impact on reducing the statistics on suicide.

Familes have services in Mallow & Waterford .

Men’s group meet every Monday and Thursday 7.30 to 9 pm

@ 291, Father Russell Square, Hyde Rd, Co. Limerick.

Located 3 buildings to the right of Train Station.

When you contact us please provide your contact details so we can get back to you, as a voluntary group we are not always  on-line so use the Helpline for Faster service 0872603603

You can also Contact via Facebook or

Familes is strictly a non profit voluntary group.
Charity Registration number 20158262